500 Mile Journey ~ 100 mile milestone

500 Mile  Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking!  We did it!! 100 miles walking.  We thought that we should do something big for this milestone. 
It has been so hot here that we decided we needed to go to the beach.  We went to Ft. Bragg, CA.  On our first night we found this wonderful Italian restaurant. 
It was the perfect place to celebrate and open our gift.    

For reaching 100 miles we each got a key chain with little walking shoes. 
It was a great trip and we stayed 3 days at the beach. 
More pictures of our adventure to come. 
Lets Get Walking, Kerry and Jean  

Ft Bragg CA

We went to the ocean to celebrate our 100 mile walking journey

Van Damme State Park trail

500 mile journey takes up to the Redwood Forest

Van Damme State Park California

Two Minutes In Nature,

Relax and be still in the redwood forest

500 Mile Journey~ Designer clothes

500 Mile  Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking! I've been working on designing  Walking Journey T-Shirts
We are not one but many out walking the world. 
Right now I just have women T-Shirts,
 but soon I will have men's too. 
Designer Walking T-Shirts with positive walking quotes.
Kerry and I prefer the long sleeve shirt to protect us from the sun's strong rays. 
I also have a collection of sun glasses with encouragement and power words on them.
Right Now they are on sale!!

Let's Get Walking!
Kerry and Jean

Morning kayaking


500 Mile Journey ~Progress Report week 10

500 Mile  Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking!  Progress Report Week 10
We made it and beyond. 
100 mile milestone!!
We sure hope you are enjoying your summer.  This week we have mostly been kayaking!! Morning Kayaking

 I used my  "Map My Walk" and it will record the miles we kayak. Come along with us on a kayak ride.  (click video to watch)

It's time to celebrate!! we are making plans for the 100 mile celebration. 
Two Minutes in Nature

Progress Report 
Miles walked: 96.2