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500 mile Journey~Redwoods

500 Mile  Journey

Kerry and Jean 

Let's Get Walking!  Part of the Journey for us is traveling to new places. Wherever the destination is we will be walking!  We walked through the Van Damme State Park, Redwoods.  This was our first walk in the redwoods.  We were so impressed with the tall trees, of course,  but look how green the plants are.  So many plants, so many different colors of green.  I felt like this could have been one of the most healing walks we've been on. 

The trails on this walk were well maintained and easy to walk. The Fern Canyon Trail is a 7.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Little River, Ca. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips and birding .
We didn't walk that far. What we did was walked 1.5 up and 1.5 back so we did our 3 miles walk.
Which was plenty to get the feel of the trees and the environment.

enjoy a little videos of the trail.

Be Inspired, Kerry and …

Make a wish

Make a wish in the tunnel, it's always a good idea.

On our travels when went through the Carlin Tunnels.

It's a little ritual of mine to make a wish when I drive through tunnels.

Van Damme State Park California

Good Morning,

After the Solar Eclipse which was totally awesome. I needed some time to process what my astrological sign said was going to happen after the eclipse!

Taking Two Minutes In Nature to meditate on this is always a good idea.

Be Inspired,


500 Mile Journey~Progress Report week 11

500 Mile  Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking!  Progress Report Week 11
We did it!!  100 miles walked.  We took ourselves to the beach, at Fort Bragg Ca.  Where each morning it was foggy until 10 a. m. and the high temperature were in the 70's . We loved it!!

Enjoy the beach, we sure did!!
There is nothing like the sound of the ocean. 
We spent three wonderful days, walking, eating, and taking in the sites. 

Progress Report 
Miles walked: 109.4 Kayaking miles : 10.1 Total miles :  119.5 Miles to complete our 500 miles goal:  380.5
Let's Get Walking Kerry and Jean 

500 Mile Journey ~ 100 mile milestone

500 Mile  Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking!  We did it!! 100 miles walking.  We thought that we should do something big for this milestone. 
It has been so hot here that we decided we needed to go to the beach.  We went to Ft. Bragg, CA.  On our first night we found this wonderful Italian restaurant. 
It was the perfect place to celebrate and open our gift.    

For reaching 100 miles we each got a key chain with little walking shoes. 
It was a great trip and we stayed 3 days at the beach. 
More pictures of our adventure to come. 
Lets Get Walking, Kerry and Jean  

Ft Bragg CA

We went to the ocean to celebrate our 100 mile walking journey

Van Damme State Park trail

500 mile journey takes up to the Redwood Forest

Van Damme State Park California

Two Minutes In Nature,

Relax and be still in the redwood forest