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500 Mile Journey~ Designer clothes

500 Mile  Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking! I've been working on designing  Walking Journey T-Shirts
We are not one but many out walking the world. 
Right now I just have women T-Shirts,
 but soon I will have men's too. 
Designer Walking T-Shirts with positive walking quotes.
Kerry and I prefer the long sleeve shirt to protect us from the sun's strong rays. 
I also have a collection of sun glasses with encouragement and power words on them.
Right Now they are on sale!!

Let's Get Walking!
Kerry and Jean

Morning kayaking


500 Mile Journey ~Progress Report week 10

500 Mile  Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking!  Progress Report Week 10
We made it and beyond. 
100 mile milestone!!
We sure hope you are enjoying your summer.  This week we have mostly been kayaking!! Morning Kayaking

 I used my  "Map My Walk" and it will record the miles we kayak. Come along with us on a kayak ride.  (click video to watch)

It's time to celebrate!! we are making plans for the 100 mile celebration. 
Two Minutes in Nature

Progress Report 
Miles walked: 96.2

500 Mile Journey~Pearl Peak

500 Mile  Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking!
Here is the last of our scouting pictures.  Dirt roads of Nevada ..... If your not familiar with open lands then seeing cattle on the road may surprise you.  We passed this guy shading himself from the over 90 degree weather we are having.  
After the thunderstorms you will find washed out roads, go slow some can be pretty deep.   What is the arrow pointing to?  Let me tell you a little story of how I got to go to The Mall of America in Minnesota.  Kerry and I were camping in the hills. We started out on a  "little walk" after breakfast.  He kept hiking and I kept following......before we knew it we were mostly up this mountain, in the clouds, walking on shale rock.  I was exhausted and needed to take a break, but Kerry kept going, he left me sitting on the ground resting. He came back to say, "Your almost to the top, just keep going." The deal I struck for "keep going" on this little morning walk, was tha…

500 Mile Journey~Progress Report Week 9

500 Mile  Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking! 
Progress Report Week 9

It's been another busy week for us.  On our travels we went to Soldier Creek, Nv to get out of the heat.  This is a very pretty road, but beware it is only a one lane dirt road with not many places to turn around.  We figured we would walk along side the road and park the near the creek to rest and put our feet in the water.  The trails are a bit too step for me yet. 
Here is a little video of our ride on Soldier Creek road and you will see how tight the road is.
Progress Report 
Miles walked: 90.4 Kayaking miles : 5.3 Total miles :  95.7 Miles to complete our 500 miles goal:  404.3 Since this summer has been so hot for us, we added kayaking to our miles, and will add cross country skiing in the winter.
We thought we should change the title of the blog to,
"500 Mile Journey"  Our next milestone is 100 miles.  You'll be surprised were we celebrate.  Let's…

500 Mile Walking Journey~Harrison Pass

500 Mile Walking Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking!  Harrison Pass road trip 

Last week while we were scouting out hiking places on the back roads of Nevada, we came across this interesting rock.  It has dents on it, rocks and, money have been laid on top of it.  We have seen to it for years and it's very cool that it is still here.  Kerry says it's a Rock Metate used by the Native Americans to grind nuts and herbs. It may also be a medicine rock for leaving offerings and praying for good health and fortune.  We are still walking towards are 500 Mile Goal, most of our walks are around the Spring Creek Marina which we have shown you before in earlier blogs.   However, now and then when we come across something interesting in our travels we will be sharing those with you as well.   come along a enjoy our back road car trip.  Harrison Pass
Let's get Walking, Kerry and Jean 

500 Mile Walking Journey~Kayaking

500 Mile Walking Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking! 
It's summertime and we had to adjust our activities. 
Let's get kayaking!!!

We made a decision.

I checked my "Map My Walk" and guess what?  It will record how far we paddle in the water!! We have been kayaking every evening since we bought our kayaks.  It's a whole different exercise for the body and I have to say I'm a bit sore, in a good way of course.  Plus, just for my own curiosity I recorded us walking around Walmart! It's a Super Walmart and it's big from one end to the other. Well to my surprise we walked over a mile just shopping. .......I haven't sold Kerry on the idea that miles we walk together should count even if it's in a store.   But it certainly beats walking in 100 degrees.  Be Inspired, Be Safe and  Let's Get Walking, or kayaking, Kerry and Jean

500 Mile Walking Journey~Progress Report Week 8

500 Mile Walking Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking!  Progress Report Week 8

Day Trip on the back roads of Nevada  It has been so hot here, still with temperatures in the high 90's that we just haven't been walking like we should be. 
We decided we needed a day trip to the back roads of Nevada to find some cooler hiking areas where we can get out of the heat. 
We got up early, packed a lunch and headed out towards Ruby Marshes. 
We finally got the Blue Heron taking off for flight. 
enjoy this video

There's nothing better then walking outside 
and seeing the world.
We did find lots of places to hike, walk on dirt roads, and stay cool,
more photo's and videos to come. 

Progress Report
Miles walked:  87.1
 Miles to goal: 412.9

Ruby Marshes Nevada Blue Heron

We finally got the blue heron taking flight!

Back Roads of Nevada Soldier Creek Nevada

day trip on the back roads of Nevada Soldier Creek

Two Minutes In Nature Soldier Creek, Nevada

Take Two Minutes in Nature to relax and enjoy the adventure

Back roads of Nevada

Day Trip on the back roads of Nevada

500 Mile Walking Journey

500 Mile Walking Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking!  We're back to walking today!! Finally the temperatures came down  into the 60's this morning.  It's was great to have a few days of rest.  But it felt even better to get walking again.  This morning when we saw that the temps were going to be lower   before 7 a.m.  we both quickly put our walking shoes on and jumped at the chance to walk.  I've been asked how do we know how many miles we walk each day? It's been made pretty easy to figure out with cell phones and GPS's.  I use a app on my phone called Map My Walk. It can literally map out the route we take. It records the miles we walk, duration, avg pace min per miles, calories and steps, along with elevation.  It will analyze your work out for you.  I save them and then at the end of the week it will total our miles.  We have only had problems with it when we are hiking in canyons and the GPS can't find us.  It's a great tool and I do recommend it.  He…

Sundays hike

Still one of our favorite walks

1101131440.mp4 a raven visit

On one of our travels look who came to sit with me. This still amazes me.

500 Mile Walking Journey-Rest Day

500 Mile Walking Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking!  Red Flag Day!!
Today was suppose to be a walking day. But instead Kerry is home with sore feet and back.  Some days are like that for us.  It's ok because we understand that the body sometimes needs rest.  This brings me to today's topic. How do you know when you have over done your routine and when is it time to take a break.?  Listen to your body.  If something is hurting more then just being sore, rest.  If is doesn't get better see your doctor.  Years ago I gotplantar fasciitis, one of the most painful injuries I've had.  I had it in both feet and had to stay off them for a whole season of 5K's . There are many remedies to help with this conditional but mostly it just takes time. I will leave a link about  plantar fasciitis, it if you need this information .  Start here with this link.

Because of the many injuries I have the most…

500 Mile Walking Journey - Progress Report Week 7

500 Mile Walking Journey with  Kerry and Jean  Let's Get Walking!  Progress Report Week 7 It has been so hot here with lots of fires to the West and East of us. The air has been hot and heavy with smoke.
We went up to Twin Falls thinking 
we would do some hiking by the canyon ridge, but it was 100 degrees there too!
We have not walked much since 4th of July.
We did celebrate our 75 miles walking doing the Freedom Run 5K .

Freedom Run 5K

 Here are some of the fireworks

Progress Report: Miles Walked: 80.5 Miles to reach 500 goal: 419.5 Getting closer each week, our next milestone is at 100 miles 
It's especially important to drink lots of water when your walking in this summer heat.  Tip, you can freeze one of your water bottles the night before, it will defrost as you walk giving you a refreshing cold water drink during your walk.  Be inspired, Be safe, and  Le…

500 Mile Walking Journey, 4th of July

500 Mile Walking Journey with  Kerry and Jean 
Happy 4th of July

We hope you enjoyed the 4th with your 

family and friends. 

Jean and Kerry ready to do the  Freedom Run 5K  We made it to our 75 miles milestone  doing the 5K walk at the Spring Creek Marina  on 4th of July morning.  What a wonderful morning here in Nevada.  We registered, put our numbers on, and watched the flag ceremony  before the race began at 7:30.
Flag ceremony video
Registration line, and thank you to the  Ruby Mountain Relay for puting on the 5K race. The Relay for Life , for the pancake breakfast..

"Walking is man's best medicine."  Hippocrates Join us for the 5K races and our 500 Miles Walking Journey 5K video

What a surprise to receive awards for our time on this race.  This was our personal best, 57.5 for 3.1 miles