500 Mile Walking Journey.....50 mile Milestone

500 Mile Walking Journey
Kerry and Jean 

Let's get walking!!

We made it!!
50 Mile milestone
We have come to our next milestone, and it's time to celebrate!! 
We knew we would get there, it was just a matter of when. 
I took a week off to rest my knee, than we had company....
it stormed, then it got hot....
the truth is sometimes I don't want to walk!!
Oh, yes it happens. 
I just kept saying to myself, " This is not a sprint, it's a marathon.". 
It's not about how fast we do the walks, it's the journey.  

We walked around the Spring Creek Marina this morning, and what a surprise we found. 
Two Minutes In Nature with a pelican. 

Tomorrow we plan on going up the canyon 
with Sarah and James so they can 
celebrate with us. 
Be Inspired,
Kerry and Jean 

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