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Season's Changing

500 Mile Walking Journey Good Morning video
This is a quick blog for today. We walked our home base walk around the Spring Creek Marina today with our grandson. With the changing of the season into summer we have changed the time we walk. We now try to get out closer to 7:30 in the morning since the sun comes up earlier and it's beginning to get much too hot to walk any later.  One thing we have learned  on our walking journey is to be prepared for the heat.  Take along plenty of water.  2. a hat 3. sunscreen 4. we usually wear long sleeve athletic running shirts to protect our arms.  If you have any other items you bring add them in the comments. Our next blog will be a 5K in Rexburg, ID walking the Teton Dam 5K race.  Subscribe so you don't miss any of our walks.  Let's Get Walking!   Kerry and Jean

It's a celebration

500 Mile Walking Journey with  Kerry and Jean  500 Mile Walking Journey 
Today is Memorial Day
We want to Thank all the Veterans who have made it possible for all of us to have freedom.

Today we walked 3.4 miles in beautiful Lamoille NV. That brought us to our first milestone of 25 miles of the 500 Mile Walking Journey. This little town of Lamoille is at the foothills of the Ruby Mountains, with lush meadows, and snowcapped mountains. It's still spring here with a little nip in the morning air, and clear blue skies.  We ended the walk at the Lamoille Grove.  It's time to celebrate!! We have food, drinks, and medals!!

25 mile celebration


Celebrating our first milestone of walking 25 miles out of the 500 Mile Walking Journey.

Let's Get Walking!

Memorial Day Walk

500 Mile Walking Journey 
Today is Memorial Day, we want to Thank all the Veterans who have made it possible for all of us to have freedom.

Progress Report Week 1

500 Mile Walking Journey Progress Report 
Once a week we will be reporting on our progress.  500 miles for 2017 Look forward to the PARTIES when we get to miles stones.  25 miles 50 miles 100 miles  200 miles 300 miles  400 miles  500 miles HUGE PARTY!!!!
WEEK 1  TOTAL 22.6 MILES  The first days of the walk were the hardest for me. I got blisters,  sunburned, and my lower back and hips were sore. My body wasn't use to walking 3 miles everyday. We decided to stick close to home for the first week, just walking around our neighborhood. We walked around the Spring Creek Marina because its close, flat, and, it also is a wonderful place to see the migrating birds. Later we added a bit of an incline with walking up the hill for breakfast at JJ's and picking up our mail on the way home. A 3 mile walk for us will take us an hour, sometimes longer if we stop for photo's and water.  This is a journey, not a race. Time only matter when we are racing the 5K's. Take time to relax in nature, en…

Let's Get Walking

500 Mile Walking Journey with  Kerry and Jean

Let's Get Walking! Here we are this morning in beautiful Nevada.  We had to revise yesterday's walk to add a few more miles.  This walk is 3.6 and will take us to JJ's restaurant for breakfast, pick up the mail, and then loop home.  We will do this walk once a week.  Our first home base walk is around the Spring Creek Marina, 3 miles, everyday. Second home base walk is to loop around for breakfast and pick up mail, 3.6, once a week. Once a week, field trip for a hike somewhere in Nevada.  5k's, we like to travel and make 5k's our destination. 
Today's walk and talk. Spring Creek Marina
Meet Kerry
Let's Get Walking! Kerry and Jean 
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The second home base route for the 500 mile walking journey

500 Mile Walking Journey Today we are going to take our second home base route.  The first one is walking around the Spring Creek Marina, which we do everyday.  The second is once a week to get our mail.  This route is from our house to JJ's for breakfast,  then on to the mail box, and then home.  The miles are small 2.7, but, the breakfast is so worth it.  This means that we will have to do another walk this evening to keep the miles close to 3-5 miles each day. I like to take videos of where we walk. I'm new to film making and they don't always turn out the way I would like them to. I'll get better at this because once a week we plan on going on a field trip outside of our neighborhood.   This is just the beginning of our journey.  So far we are up to 17 miles.  I hope you are thinking about sharing your walking journey with us here.  We would like to start a global community of walkers.  Here is the photos from this mornings walk.…

500 Mile Walking Journey

500 Mile Walking JourneyWelcome What do you do when you are retired?  You WALK!!, You HIKE!!!, You do 5K's .
That's what this blog is all about. I have always wanted to go to Spain and walk the Camino de Santiago.  I'm not sure if I will ever get there, but if I do this is going to be a great way to train for it.  My husband recently retired and has agreed to walk 500 miles with me. We live in Northeastern Nevada, it's beautiful with open landscapes, mountains, lakes, and we experience all four seasons here. I don't know how long this journey will take, but we're up for the challenge. Visit us often and see how we're doing on our 500 Mile Walking Journey.

 We have only just begun and the journey will be filled with lots of wonderful stories.  Share this blog with friends and create your own walking journey. Comment, like and share in the comments. We would love to create a walking community with like minded people.  Be Inspired, Jean