500 Mile Walking Journey-Rest Day

500 Mile Walking Journey
Kerry and Jean 
Let's Get Walking! 
Kerry and Jean those crazy walkers
Red Flag Day!!

Today was suppose to be a walking day.
But instead Kerry is home with sore feet and back. 
Some days are like that for us. 
It's ok because we understand that the body sometimes needs rest. 
This brings me to today's topic.
How do you know when you have over done your routine and when is it time to take a break.? 
Listen to your body. 
If something is hurting more then just being sore, rest. 
If is doesn't get better see your doctor. 
Years ago I got plantar fasciitis, one of the most painful injuries I've had. 
I had it in both feet and had to stay off them for a whole season of 5K's .
There are many remedies to help with this conditional but mostly it just takes time.
I will leave a link about  plantar fasciitis, it if you need this information . 
Start here with this link. 

Because of the many injuries I have the most important thing I can say about walking is ,
STRETCH before walking. 
Stretch after walking 
Although walking seems like a very easy way to exercise, let me assure you, 
Because I can only go by my own experience and I'm not a doctor, (just felt I needed to say that).
I will link a walking stretch link too. 

I also found a walking routine for those who are just starting out and thinking about joining a 5K. 
Let me tell you that I did not start out walking 3 miles a day. 
No, after my slipped disc, I started by walking around my house. 
Seriously, I didn't even leave my driveway. 
 I then went to Walmart grabbed a cart to hold on to and walked up and down every isle. I thought if I fell at-least I was around people. 
Next, Kerry started walking with me and I got better.
 The first 5K we did was actually only 1 mile. 
 Paces for Payton in Idaho Falls, ID. 
Be kind to yourself. Take your time. 

For Kerry and I walking has been a wonderful experience.
It is not too strenuous for us in our 60's . 
We love to travel and have found that doing 5K's bring us to great vacation spots.
 We feel by participating in local 5k's  we give back to communities and it benefits us by improving our health. 
Kerry's resting today, and we will wait to see how he feels tomorrow. 
Remember to take time to relax and enjoy life. 
Two Minutes in Nature,
Just imagine putting your feet in this cool stream.
Be Inspired, 
Kerry and Jean 

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