500 Mile Journey~Progress Report week 11

500 Mile  Journey
Kerry and Jean 
Let's Get Walking! 
Progress Report Week 11

We did it!! 
100 miles walked. 
We took ourselves to the beach, at Fort Bragg Ca. 
Where each morning it was foggy until 10 a. m. and the high temperature were in the 70's .
We loved it!!

Jean and kerry in Ft. Bragg, CA 
Celebrating with a local wine, cheese,  peppered salami, and french bread

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Enjoy the beach, we sure did!!
There is nothing like the sound of the ocean. 
We spent three wonderful days, walking, eating, and taking in the sites. 

Progress Report 

Miles walked: 109.4
Kayaking miles : 10.1
Total miles :  119.5
Miles to complete our 500 miles goal:  380.5

Let's Get Walking
Kerry and Jean 

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