500 Mile Walking Journey-Lamoille Glaciers

500 Mile Walking Journey
Kerry and Jean 

Hello from Kerry
Hello from Jean 

We are so close to our 50 miles!!!
But not today!

Today we went for a hike up the Lamoille Canyon in Nevada. 
We had to get out early in the day 
because today we had a
 weather alert 
about thunderer storms for this afternoon. 
Today's hike was all about 
flowers and waterfalls.

We tracked 1.9 miles today and will have less then a mile for tomorrows goal.
Our second goal is walking 50 miles on this journey.
Yes come back for our 50 mile celebration, 
you wont want to miss where we go tomorrow.

Kerry  took this time to explain about glaciers in this area.
Here is Kerry's 
Geology Lesson 
for today.

We would like to hear about your adventures if you are on a walking journey.
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Let's Get Walking!
Kerry and Jean 

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