Progress Report Time

500 Mile Walking Journey
Kerry and Jean 
Let's Get Walking!
Kerry and Jean with our medals.
Teton Dam 5k
It's progress report time. 
We took a little vacation to Idaho Falls, visit our son. 
It's spring in Idaho.
We walked around the river by Idaho Falls everyday. 

Plus, we did a 5k at Rexbury for the commemoration of the 41 years agp of the Teton dam flood.  

But the most fun was going to the zoo!! 

It's harder to get all the miles in when your traveling because some days are travel car days. 
I'm taking a few days off this week to recover from the race. 
I have to do that every now and then. 
My knees need a little down time with ice, heat, and rest. 
But after this week we will be back at it. 
Out temperatures are dropping and I hear it may even snow next week. 
Hopefully that wont keep us from walking. 

Our totals for the 500 mile walking journey: 41.5 miles walked. 
Mile to reach goal:  458.5
Step by step
Let's get walking,
Kerry and Jean 

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