Teton Dam 5K

 500 Mile Walking Journey
Kerry and Jean
Let's Get Walking!
Kerry and Jean with their Teton 5K medals.

Welcome Back!
Kerry and I just got back from doing the Teton 5K in Rexbury, Id. .
What a wonderful day we had.
 They were commemorating 41 years of the Teton Dam's flood.   
We went early in the morning, our race started at 8:30. 
Teton 5K video at the race.

Kerry and I started doing 5K's as a way for me to recover from knee surgery.
Walking is good physical therapy, plus I like to have goals. 
We started looking around the community for 5K's .
It's a good way to give back to local towns doing fundraisers, plus we get the health benefits of walking. 
After doing a few close to home, we started to venture out 
looking for 5K's where we planned to travel. 
This is the site I use to find 5K's for when we travel. 

Walking tours have been around for a very long time. 
Many different countries have them as vacation activities. 
I have already mentioned the Camino de Santiago in Spain. 
However, if you are planing to travel to Europe, they have walking tours in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France Austria, the Mediterranean, Patagonia and New Zealand. 
Most of these will require you to be fit and able. 
They are rated from "easy" at Level 1 to "energetic" at Level 5.
There's lots of reasons to go on a walking trip. 
You will get to see the landscape, eat at the local restaurants and cafe's, meet local people. 
For now Kerry and I are staying close to home or doing one on vacations.   

I like to find a quiet place to sit after the race, to get my heartbeat down and just catch my breathe. 
This was taken outside our hotel balcony. 
Two Minutes in Nature

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