500 Mile Walking Journey- Progress Report Week 5

500 Mile Walking Journey
Kerry and Jean 
Let's Get Walking! 
Progress Report Time

It's Sunday Morning. 
It's official 
Summer's here. 

Today we walked up to our little market and got coffee and donuts. 
We're trying to see if we can add miles by going to different places each day,
just to mixed it up a bit. 
However, we are finding that the most fun and interesting daily walk is around the 
Spring Creek Marina with the birds migrating. 
If you are just joining us this week,
 we have just completed our second milestone of walking 50 Miles. 
Here is our celebration.
We celebrated with our daughter, Sarah and our grandson James for a hike and picnic in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada. 
Now that we are retired, and have all the time in the world,
we thought we would walk, hike, and spend our days together outside in nature. 
We thought we would share a few of our safety tips and support items that help us to keep walking each day. 

Progress Report

Miles we have walked:  60
Miles to complete the 500 Mile Walking Journey: 440

Take time to sit with nature and relax.
This is where we hiked for our 50 mile celebration.

Be Inspired, 
Kerry and Jean 

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