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500 Mile Walking Journey
celebrating our first milestone of 25 miles out of 500 mile walking journey
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This is a quick blog for today.
We walked our home base walk around the Spring Creek Marina today with our grandson.
With the changing of the season into summer we have changed the time we walk.
We now try to get out closer to 7:30 in the morning since the sun comes up earlier and it's beginning to get much too hot to walk any later. 
One thing we have learned  on our walking journey is to be prepared for the heat. 
Take along plenty of water. 
2. a hat
3. sunscreen
4. we usually wear long sleeve athletic running shirts to protect our arms. 
If you have any other items you bring add them in the comments.
Our next blog will be a 5K in Rexburg, ID walking the Teton Dam 5K race. 
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Let's Get Walking!  
Kerry and Jean 


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