500 Mile Walking Journey

500 Mile Walking Journey

What do you do when you are retired? 
You WALK!!, You HIKE!!!, You do 5K's .

That's what this blog is all about.
I have always wanted to go to Spain and walk the Camino de Santiago. 
I'm not sure if I will ever get there, but if I do this is going to be a great way to train for it. 
My husband recently retired and has agreed to walk 500 miles with me.
We live in Northeastern Nevada, it's beautiful with open landscapes, mountains, lakes, and we experience all four seasons here.
I don't know how long this journey will take, but we're up for the challenge.
Visit us often and see how we're doing on our 500 Mile Walking Journey.
This is Kerry standing in front of our home base walking route. Spring Creek Marina. We usually do a 3 mile walk around the marina in the morning. 

This is Jean, standing in front of our lilac trees. We start our walks from our front door  and head out for our morning walk. 
The long reach of the shadow. It's usually just the two of us.
 We have only just begun and the journey will be filled with lots of wonderful stories. 
Share this blog with friends and create your own walking journey.
Comment, like and share in the comments.
We would love to create a walking community with like minded people. 
Be Inspired,


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