The second home base route for the 500 mile walking journey

500 Mile Walking Journey
Today we are going to take our second home base route. 
The first one is walking around the Spring Creek Marina, which we do everyday.
 The second is once a week to get our mail. 
This route is from our house to JJ's for breakfast,  then on to the mail box, and then home. 
The miles are small 2.7, but, the breakfast is so worth it. 
This means that we will have to do another walk this evening to keep the miles close to 3-5 miles each day.
I like to take videos of where we walk. I'm new to film making and they don't always turn out the way I would like them to. I'll get better at this because once a week we plan on going on a field trip outside of our neighborhood.  
This is just the beginning of our journey. 
So far we are up to 17 miles. 
I hope you are thinking about sharing your walking journey with us here. 
We would like to start a global community of walkers. 
Here is the photos from this mornings walk. 

The little pond behind our house 

entrance to JJ's restaurant  

view from the restaurant 


Jean and Kerry 

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