Let's Get Walking

 500 Mile Walking Journey
Kerry and Jean
Keeping the sun to our backs it's just the two of us walking the 500 mile walking journey.

Let's Get Walking!
Here we are this morning in beautiful Nevada. 
We had to revise yesterday's walk to add a few more miles. 
This walk is 3.6 and will take us to JJ's restaurant for breakfast, pick up the mail, and then loop home. 
We will do this walk once a week. 
Our first home base walk is around the Spring Creek Marina, 3 miles, everyday.
Second home base walk is to loop around for breakfast and pick up mail, 3.6, once a week.
Once a week, field trip for a hike somewhere in Nevada. 
5k's, we like to travel and make 5k's our destination. 

Today's walk and talk.
Spring Creek Marina
Meet Kerry

Let's Get Walking!
Kerry and Jean 

Come along and join us on our 500 Mile Walking Journey. 
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