Progress Report Week 1

500 Mile Walking Journey
Progress Report 

Once a week we will be reporting on our progress. 
500 miles for 2017
Look forward to the PARTIES when we get to miles stones. 
25 miles
50 miles
100 miles 
200 miles
300 miles 
400 miles 
500 miles HUGE PARTY!!!!

The first days of the walk were the hardest for me. I got blisters,  sunburned, and my lower back and hips were sore. My body wasn't use to walking 3 miles everyday. We decided to stick close to home for the first week, just walking around our neighborhood. We walked around the Spring Creek Marina because its close, flat, and, it also is a wonderful place to see the migrating birds. Later we added a bit of an incline with walking up the hill for breakfast at JJ's and picking up our mail on the way home. A 3 mile walk for us will take us an hour, sometimes longer if we stop for photo's and water. 
This is a journey, not a race. Time only matter when we are racing the 5K's. Take time to relax in nature, enjoy the experience, and reflect.
Q is for quiet. 

Let's Get Walking!
Kerry and Jean 


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