500 Mile Journey~Pearl Peak

500 Mile  Journey
Kerry and Jean 
Let's Get Walking!

Here is the last of our scouting pictures. 
Dirt roads of Nevada .....
If your not familiar with open lands then seeing cattle on the road may surprise you. 
We passed this guy shading himself from the over 90 degree weather we are having.  

After the thunderstorms you will find washed out roads, go slow some can be pretty deep.  
What is the arrow pointing to? 
Let me tell you a little story of how I got to go to The Mall of America in Minnesota. 
Kerry and I were camping in the hills. We started out on a
 "little walk" after breakfast. 
He kept hiking and I kept following......before we knew it we were mostly up this mountain, in the clouds, walking on shale rock. 
I was exhausted and needed to take a break, but Kerry kept going, he left me sitting on the ground resting. He came back to say, "Your almost to the top, just keep going." The deal I struck for "keep going" on this little morning walk, was that if I made it to the top he had to take me to The Mall of America, where I would make him "Keep walking around the Mall". 
I did make it to the top of Pearl Peak, 10,848 feet in elevation, where we signed  the ledger.  Our daughter, Sarah, graduated from Walden University in St. Paul Minnesota, with her Masters Degree a few years later, 
we went to the graduation and got to go to 
The Mall of America too!
You just never know what you are capable of doing until you try. 

We are back to plotting and preparing for our next milestone, 
100 miles!!
Where will it be?
You will just have to wait and see later. 
We are very close, just 10 miles away....
Two Minutes in Nature 
Let's Get Walking
Kerry and Jean 

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