500 Mile Walking Journey~Harrison Pass

500 Mile Walking Journey
Kerry and Jean 
Let's Get Walking! 
Harrison Pass road trip 



Last week while we were scouting out hiking places on the back roads of Nevada, we came across this interesting rock. 
It has dents on it, rocks and, money have been laid on top of it. 
We have seen to it for years and it's very cool that it is still here. 
Kerry says it's a Rock Metate used by the Native Americans to grind nuts and herbs. It may also be a medicine rock for leaving offerings and praying for good health and fortune. 
We are still walking towards are 500 Mile Goal, most of our walks are around the Spring Creek Marina which we have shown you before in earlier blogs. 
 However, now and then when we come across something interesting in our travels we will be sharing those with you as well.  
come along a enjoy our back road car trip. 
Harrison Pass

Let's get Walking,
Kerry and Jean 

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