500 Mile Journey~Progress Report Week 9

500 Mile  Journey
Kerry and Jean 
Let's Get Walking! 

Progress Report Week 9

It's been another busy week for us. 
On our travels we went to Soldier Creek, Nv to get out of the heat. 
This is a very pretty road, but beware it is only a one lane dirt road with not many places to turn around. 
We figured we would walk along side the road and park the near the creek to rest and put our feet in the water. 
The trails are a bit too step for me yet. 

Here is a little video of our ride on Soldier Creek road and you will see how tight the road is. 

Progress Report 

Miles walked: 90.4
Kayaking miles : 5.3
Total miles :  95.7
Miles to complete our 500 miles goal:  404.3
Since this summer has been so hot for us, we added kayaking to our miles, and will add cross country skiing in the winter.
We thought we should change the title of the blog to,
"500 Mile Journey" 
Our next milestone is 100 miles. 
You'll be surprised were we celebrate. 
Let's Get Walking~

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