500 Mile Walking Journey~Progress Report Week 8

500 Mile Walking Journey
Kerry and Jean 
Let's Get Walking! 
Progress Report Week 8

Day Trip on the back roads of Nevada 
It has been so hot here, still with temperatures in the high 90's that we just haven't been walking like we should be. 
We decided we needed a day trip to the back roads of Nevada to find some cooler hiking areas where we can get out of the heat. 
We got up early, packed a lunch and headed out towards Ruby Marshes. 
We finally got the Blue Heron taking off for flight. 
enjoy this video

There's nothing better then walking outside 
and seeing the world.
We did find lots of places to hike, walk on dirt roads, and stay cool, 
more photo's and videos to come. 

Progress Report
Miles walked:  87.1
 Miles to goal: 412.9

Let's Get Walking
Kerry and Jean 

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