500 Mile Walking Journey~Kayaking

500 Mile Walking Journey
Kerry and Jean 
Let's Get Walking! 

It's summertime and we had to adjust our activities
Let's get kayaking!!!

We made a decision.

our new kayaks 

I checked my "Map My Walk" and guess what? 
It will record how far we paddle in the water!!
We have been kayaking every evening since we bought our kayaks. 
It's a whole different exercise for the body and I have to say I'm a bit sore, in a good way of course. 
Plus, just for my own curiosity I recorded us walking around Walmart!
It's a Super Walmart and it's big from one end to the other. Well to my surprise we walked over a mile just shopping. .......I haven't sold Kerry on the idea that miles we walk together should count even if it's in a store.  
But it certainly beats walking in 100 degrees. 
Be Inspired, Be Safe and 
Let's Get Walking, or kayaking,
Kerry and Jean  

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