500 Mile Walking Journey, 4th of July

500 Mile Walking Journey
Kerry and Jean 

Happy 4th of July

We hope you enjoyed the 4th with your 

family and friends. 

Jean and Kerry ready to do the 
Freedom Run 5K 
We made it to our 75 miles milestone
 doing the 5K walk at the Spring Creek Marina
 on 4th of July morning. 
What a wonderful morning here in Nevada. 
We registered, put our numbers on, and watched the flag ceremony 
before the race began at 7:30.
Flag ceremony video

Registration line,
and thank you to the 
Ruby Mountain Relay for puting on the 5K race.
The Relay for Life , for the pancake breakfast..

"Walking is man's best medicine." 
Join us for the 5K races and our 500 Miles Walking Journey
5K video 

What a surprise to receive awards for our time on this race. 
This was our personal best,
57.5 for 3.1 miles 
Jean 1sr Place in her age group
Kerry 3rd place in his age group. 

We would love to here about your walking journey.
Feel free to comment, like, and share. 
Let's Get Walking!
Kerry and Jean 

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